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Established november 2011.

About us

The main activity of the company is taxi services on the territory of the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, for that manner there are used exclusively and only Eco vehicles – full hybrids and powered by electrical motor.

In that manner the company has chosen prime vehicle for taxi ride services the Toyota Prius – one of the most eco vehicles in the world, a symbol of the hybrid technology developed by Toyota more than 10 years ago and most favorised vehicle by the ecologist.

With that approach the company Green Taxi appeals for development of a green business and searches its place among the green companies in Bulgaria and Europe, nevertheless the company pretends to have done the first step towards the future in the taxi service for achieving ecological and sustainable generally accessible public transport.

This is an example for a ecological business and clear message to the rest of the municipalities in Bulgaria and Europe!

Address Pickup

We always pick up our clients on time, 24/7 availability.

Airport Transfer

We also offer transfer from Sofia airport with a sign with the name of the passenger who will be transported.

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